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Most of the questions you may have can be answered here

What is an auto responder?
An auto responder is similar to a fax on demand system.
Your prospect fills out subscribing form in your website. 
The system stores your prospects information, sends them a reply immediately,  and then sends them a sequence of e-mails automatically. 
This means that your messages are working for you 7 days-a-week 24 hrs a day.
Are my lists and data safe and can I import emails lists?
Absolutely!  Unlike other services we do double back ups. 
The server is backed up everyday and we back up your data off of the server every week as well.

Yes, allow imports into the responders. 
You can build your list safely by using the forms provided or import.
You can manually add emails to the responder too.
Do I get one auto responder? 
I market more than one product.
No you can have unlimited number of groups to market more than one product or service as long as you are within your plan.
How do I set the system up?
We will set it up for you. 
All of the software are set up to easily create your outgoing messages and there is detailed help throughout the system.
Can I send HTML messages?
Yes, HTML messages are fully supported. 
You will be able to send very professional looking  messages with any HTML formatting you like.
Just enter your messages in Text and HTML, and the system will send the appropriate message based on the recipients email capability.
Can my prospects be moved from one responder to another automatically? 
Yes! we can copy all subscribers in the auto responder account or deleted them from your account anytime you like.
This is a great feature to move prospects from "just looking" lists to "customer" lists, or to provide different series of training to distributors, etc.
Can I personalize my messages?
Absolutely, you can have the system automatically enter the prospects first or last name or both in the subject line of your response or anywhere in the body of the message. 
You place codes in the message just like mail-merge works in a word processor system. 
This feature alone will explode the response you get from your marketing.
How do prospects get my messages?
They will join your form on your web site. 
It's easy to set up. 
We provide you with all the HTML code to paste to your site. 
Everything else is automatic.
OR use the bulk import to send mass numbers of emails at anytime we like.
Is the system difficult to use?
Not at all. 
In fact we will do the job completely for you.
You just login to have a look.

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